About Me

In 2021, I came across a pretty good deal on a mid-range 35mm DSLR camera. And even though I had no interest [or talent] in photography the deal was, simply stated, too good to pass up. Of course, I bought it thinking I’d be able to take some cool pictures my phone couldn’t produce. Man, was I wrong. The camera had about a thousand settings and just as many ways to screw it up. Many of which I continue to discover. From that point, I took hundreds of pictures, all along tweaking one setting or another, only to end up with increasingly crappy results. Now it should be noted took a couple years of high school photography back in the 70s so I thought I at least knew what settings to tweak for what shooting condition. Again… wrong. Yet I became just a little obsessed and determined to learn more about photography, understand the equipment more, produce better results and ultimately master this artform.

Being true to my obsession, I started this site to sort of chronical my experiences and share those, good and bad, with others who might enjoy watching me trip all over myself. And here’s the first take-away note for all you other would-be paparazzi… taking a good shot is not as simple as point-n-click.